What to do when you have a plumbing emergency

A plumbing emergency can be a huge inconvenience. Our expert plumbers share their tips to get the problem fixed and help minimise any damage to your home. 

1) Call us!

At Expert Plumber, we offer a 24-hour emergency plumber service to homes in Dorset and Hampshire. We can help with a range of emergency plumbing problems, including gas leaks, burst pipes, clogged toilets, faulty boilers and low water pressure. 

2) Shut off your main water supply

In the event of a burst water pipe, you should shut off your main water supply. If only once appliance is affected, you should be able to turn off the water for just that appliance. You can do this simply by using the appliance’s shutoff valve. 

3) Clear the area around the leak

The last thing you want is a leak damaging your furniture and other possessions. You should gather up and affected items and move them to a dry part of your house as soon as possible, to minimise any risk of damage until the leak is fixed. 

4) Turn off your electrical supply

This isn’t always necessary, but it’s very important to do this if you suspect that any water has come into contact with your electrics. Turn off your electrical supply immediately and await further instruction from the emergency plumber. 

5) Ask us for advice

While you wait for an emergency plumber to arrive, please feel free to ask us any questions or raise any concerns you might have. We will be more than happy to provide support and advice on how to handle your particular situation. 

At Expert Plumber, we know how important it is to tackle plumbing emergencies as quickly as possible. Not only are they a major inconvenience, but they can also cause damage to your home. That’s why we always aim to get an emergency plumber out to you in under four hours.

Whatever the issue, we will work to find a cost-effective solution and get you back up and running as soon as we can. If you need help, please call us straight away on 01202 081141.