5 Common Boiler Problems & How to Fix Them

Doesn’t it seem that problems with your boiler always come at the most inconvenient time? To help you deal with issues quickly and effectively, our professional Gas Safe boiler experts share their tips on how you can fix the 5 most common boiler issues, from noisy systems to no hot water! 

1)    No heating or hot water

The problem:  You hop in the shower in the morning, ready to get your day started, only to find the water is icy cold. Or perhaps when you throw off the covers, you’re met with a chilly breeze as your heating has not come on.

The cause: There are a number of reasons why you suddenly have no heating or hot water, including faulty motorised valves, broken airlocks, low pressure or a broken thermostat. 

The solution: If the pressure gauge on your boiler is low, (below 1), repressurising it may solve the problem. If the problem appears to be the thermostat, check the manufactuer's guide for a possible solution. If neither of these suggestions work, then it’s time to call in a professional Gas Safe plumber

2)    Low boiler pressure 

The problem: When your boiler’s pressure is too low, ie below 1, it won’t be able to function properly – you may notice the heating and hot water aren’t working normally. 

The cause: Low pressure can be caused by a range of issues, such as a system leak, failed seal or part, and recently bled radiators. 

The solution: The first thing to do is to try and find the cause of the low pressure. Investigate your boiler thoroughly, without removing the casing, to look for signs of damage. If you can’t see any signs of a leak, you may be able to repressurise the boiler yourself, but only if you are confident to do so. If not, call a Gas Safe engineer. 

3)    Cold patches on radiators

The problem: Your radiators heat up but feel cold in certain places, providing you with uneven and inefficient heat. Cold spots on a radiator mean your home isn’t being heated efficiently and so you may also notice your energy bills begin creeping up. 

The cause: The most common cause of cold patches on a radiator is because of a build-up of sludge or air in the system. 

The solution: Happily, a build up of air or sludge is fairly easy to fix by yourself. All you have to do is bleed the radiator to release the air that has become trapped inside your boiler system. Not only should this resolve the cold spots on your radiator but will help to heat your home more efficiently, therefore helping to reduce your energy bills. 

4)    Banging, gurgling or whistling noises

The problem: While it’s perfectly normal for your boiler to make noises, especially when it’s firing up, any unusual or loud noises, such as banging, whistling and gurgling, could be a sign that something has gone wrong. 

The cause: Unusual sounds emitting from your boiler could be caused by a number of issues, including air in the system, a faulty pump, low pressure or kettling (a build up of limescale). 

The solution: To stop your boiler making strange noises, and prevent further damage from occurring, we highly recommend calling in an experienced Gas Safe engineer right away. They will be able to safely investigate the cause of the noise and provide a repair.

5)    My boiler won’t turn on

The problem: Your boiler won’t turn on or keeps turning off every few minutues or even seconds. 

The cause: If your boiler won’t turn on at all, it could be an issue with the power supply or a part in the boiler. If it keeps turning off, your boiler may be suffering from low pressure or a blockage. 

The solution: The first thing to check if your boiler won’t power on at all is the electrical supply to your home. Try to turn on other appliances to see if they are working and check the fuse box to see if any switches have tripped. If your boiler is displaying a low pressure (less than 1), repressurise it if you feel confident in your ability to do so. If neither solution works, contact a Gas Safe plumber right away. 

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